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Oppdatering: 2 biler involvert. Find out from WebMD who gets osteoporosis, how to tell if you have it, how to prevent it, and effective treatment options. The lesion is characterized by. Term used for a group of disorders of bone and cartilage that includes Morquio syndrome and similar conditions. Osteochondroza poliosteoartrozei. Bones that commonly break include the vertebrae in the spine, the bones of the forearm, and the hip. Osteochondrosis defor´ mans ti´ biae tibia vara. ( March ) ( Learn how and when to remove this template message) Osteochondropathy refers to a. Fører av bakerste bil, mann 18, fikk seg en trøkk av airbagen og kjørt legevakta for sjekk. This article does not cite any sources.
It is the most common reason for a broken bone among the elderly. Osteoporosis is a disease where increased bone weakness increases the risk of a broken bone. Comment: Osteochondrosis ( Figure 1) is defined as a focal disturbance of enchondral ossification. Osteoporosis is a serious condition that can lead to painful bone fractures. Synonym( s) : osteochondrodystrophy. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Osteochondrosis [ os″ te- o- kon- dro´ sis] a disease of the growth ossification centers in children, beginning as a degeneration or necrosis followed by regeneration or recalcification; known by various names, depending on the bone involved.
There is focal loss of articular cartilage with proliferation of subchondral fibrous connective tissue. Påkj bakfra i det fremste bil hadde bremset ned for å svinge. 1 bil berget, den andre kjørte bort for egen maskin. Os· te· o· chon· dro· sis ( os' tē- ō- kon- drō' sis), Any of a group. Osteochondrosis is a family of orthopedic diseases of the joint that occur in children, adolescents and other rapidly growing animals, particularly pigs, horses, dogs, and broiler chickens. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Mar 17, · Bone - Osteochondrosis in a male F344/ N rat from a chronic study.